Artiste Extraordinaire

I’ve been so busy that I have so much to write about and no time to write about it! So here come the posts!

First off Scoutmob interviewed me for their ‘Creative Eye’ section, covering local creative-types after they saw my lighting at 63 Bites. So here’s what they had to say about Jess Shirley: Artiste Extraordinaire. (I am very much flattered!)

“A graduate of the School of Visual Arts with a major in Interior Design, Jess Shirley can make, well, pretty much anything. And she can work, well, pretty much anywhere. With stints as close as Midtown and as far away as Berlin, she seems to have done it all. Need an strange lamp rewired? Jess is on it. Want installation light fixtures made out of copper tubing? You got it. Dying for a magical pumpkin patch? No problem. With a background in set design and a hands-on curiosity that allows her to tackle pretty much any artistic project you could throw at her (though she’s currently focusing on lighting and the art department side of film), Jess Shirley may just be the Most Interesting Woman in the World. But we’ll let you decide that:”

Also after I was name dropping my good friend and often business partner Adam Greco, He was next week’s interview : Adam Greco: Interior designer and sometimes film producer


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