Felix and the Future – Boxer


Here is the second video that came of our trip to Costa Rica, with additional footage shot on the canals of Mexico City and the woods of New Jersey. Felix and the Future’s “Boxer.” This will be the Debut single from his forthcoming EP.

Directed by Michael Saint-Onge + Felix And The Future
Production Design- GrecoDeco
Assistant Director- Jess Shirley
Gimp Mermaids- Jorge Lopez Gonzalez + Andres Figueroa
Tiger Boxer- Martin Hernandez
Ambassador of Mexico City – Mallinalli Rubicaldo

Felix and the future – Family Tree

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Here is the full version of Felix and the Future – ‘Family Tree’ – Shot on location in at least 10 different locations all over Costa Rica. I’m credited as the Art Director, but I’d also like to point out that I did the color grading.

Oh, And I’m the devil. ;)


Story and Costumes- Felix and the Future and GRECODECO
Art Direction- Jess Shirley
Director of Photography and Editor- Michael Saint-Onge
Jewelry by Megan Marie Curry

Dancers: Alyssa Anzur, Michael Crachiolo, Isabelle Kohler, and Noelle Rene Kovary

Devil Costume by William Watson
Makeup Donated by Doe Deere (Lime Crime makeup)
Music Producer- Ava Jarden

“Family Tree” Written and Performed by Felix and the Future

A Special Thanks to Michael and Elizabeth from La Perla del Pacifico

Felix and the Future – Family Tree (teaser)

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I just got back from a real adventure filming this new video for FELIX AND THE FUTURE, Shot on location in beautiful Costa Rica. Check out the teaser! Full video Coming soon!

Directed by Adam Greco
Cinematography by Mike Saint-Onge
Art Direction by Jess Shirley

DIY: Chevron Walls

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Chevron Walls

I decided to go all-out on the hallway and did this chevron pattern.

And here’s how:

Step 0: You should have paint on hand for your background (original wall) color and the main color, becausue there will probably be some minor touchups

STEP 1: Tape Tape Tape, I measured out the hall, and with 88″ It divided into 4 sections of 22″ and then sort of approximated the rest to work around the 4 doors in that hallway. Do the vertical stripes first, with a lazer level. To get the angle for the chevrons, you can use a drafting triangle, I used a 30/60 triangle, if you dont have one just take a piece of cardboard or paper and make yourself a guide. The great thing about this pattern is that you can do it all in one step.


STEP 2: For the cleanest possible lines make sure to press the tape down hard at the edges! Use your nails, or use a small plastic putty knife. Do not skip this step! The whole project depends on the tape sticking!

STEP 3: Paint it! I found the blue tape wrinkles a bit which is scary but the trick is just to power through, get it as covered as you can in a single coat before the paint soaks into the tape and wrinkles. Then touch up any places the wall color shows through with a paint brush. TIP: Keep your roller and brush as lightly coated as possible to avoid drips, keep rolling back and forth and up and down to get coverage.

STEP 4: Wait for it to dry… then peel the tape and make a big ball of tape in the middle of the floor, or maybe smaller balls which the cats can chase until they get bothered by it sticking to their paws.

STEP 5: Touch up any bleeds or missed spots, and then make yourself a drink.

Color: Blue Dragon by Benjamin Moore.

The Hollenbeck lamp


The hollenbeck lamp

The Hollenback lamp is made from a single chunk of reclaimed lumber salvaged from a turn of the century building which was being demolished. The lamp is two cubes of opposing materials: old wood and new plexiglass. The shade is made from thick plexiglass with a clear top which is cut and polished like a gem to create a striking pattern of light on the ceiling when turned on. The bottom half of the base is coated in high-gloss dutch lacquer. (Various colors available.)

Limited Edition. Hand made in Brooklyn.

Hollenbeck shade

Equinox’s Wall


A friend of mine who is a designer for Equinox gyms commissioned me to build the feature wall for behind the reception desk at their new gym opening on Hudson. Her design is a reference to the space’s former use as a printing factory, the whole wall is covered in oversized versions of printing press letters. Here are a few of the panels completed and waiting to be packed up. More photos once the gym opens! Should be gorgeous painted all black!


99 John St w/ Adam Greco | Apartment Therapy New York


Floating bed with Libertania floor lamps

Today Apartment therapy posted a house tour of Adam Greco’s apartment for the 99 John Street building. I built several brand new custom lights in here, the Libertania floor lamps you see above, the Perverto candelabra chandeliers in the hallway and the Angler desk lamp. Now all available through Adam and I’s Coppernicus Lighting, (Website coming soon!) We really went all out with custom items in here. Low budget+ short time +lots of creativity + lots of work = Lovely!

Read the article at:

Adam Hacks in FiDi House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York.

Artiste Extraordinaire


I’ve been so busy that I have so much to write about and no time to write about it! So here come the posts!

First off Scoutmob interviewed me for their ‘Creative Eye’ section, covering local creative-types after they saw my lighting at 63 Bites. So here’s what they had to say about Jess Shirley: Artiste Extraordinaire. (I am very much flattered!)

“A graduate of the School of Visual Arts with a major in Interior Design, Jess Shirley can make, well, pretty much anything. And she can work, well, pretty much anywhere. With stints as close as Midtown and as far away as Berlin, she seems to have done it all. Need an strange lamp rewired? Jess is on it. Want installation light fixtures made out of copper tubing? You got it. Dying for a magical pumpkin patch? No problem. With a background in set design and a hands-on curiosity that allows her to tackle pretty much any artistic project you could throw at her (though she’s currently focusing on lighting and the art department side of film), Jess Shirley may just be the Most Interesting Woman in the World. But we’ll let you decide that:”

Also after I was name dropping my good friend and often business partner Adam Greco, He was next week’s interview : Adam Greco: Interior designer and sometimes film producer